Testimonials: Happy Experiences Working With Ronnie

I had tried hypnosis for quitting smoking before, but it had never worked. With Ronnie, it was a whole different approach; it wasn’t just about quitting, it was about will power and perseverance. I have been without cigarettes for 6 months now and don’t see myself going back! I feel great!

I also worked with him on being more patient and positive. It has turned my life around. I am happy and want to continue on this path. I visualize goodness and implement all the great techniques that Ronnie has taught me. It has been a great experience!

Omar Salfiti

I was at a time of my life frustrated with almost every aspect – my job, my family, my friends, my love life – and I had that constant “lost at sea” feeling. So I figured, what do I have to lose?

After speaking with Ronnie on the phone, he sent me a few questions to answer via email. I was nervous while driving to our first session, but as soon as I saw Ronnie standing at his door in his lovely suit, I felt comfortable. Ronnie was easy to talk to and I found it easy to open up about everything in my life. After my first session, I decided I was going to commit to all I was learning during our sessions. It was a lot of work, but I quickly started to see the results I was hoping for. I started to understand the importance of keeping a positive outlook through language and thoughts. I learned the importance of setting intentions, letting go of the things I couldn’t control, and, most importantly, I learned how to take control of my own life and my own emotions.

More than a year later, I still use the skills I learned during our one-to-one sessions every single day. I also utilize the skills I learned from the extra workshops I attended with Ronnie, which have proved beneficial in every aspect of my life.

Everything Ronnie and I worked on during our sessions has come to light and I am extremely grateful for all the things I learned. I highly recommend that anyone who needs a nudge in the right direction, or a new perspective on life, or even a way to re-connect with your goals and dreams, please sign up to see Ronnie. Make the most out of every session and do all the work – it is worth every single second!

Nadine Zeine

I went to Ronnie with a problematic outlook on many things and left with an enlightened point of view on how to attain happiness with simple but indispensable tools. It was like discovering something I knew all along but could only be ignited by the expertise of someone like Ronnie. I would recommend his sessions to anyone who is in a stuck state and looking to find emotional freedom they so much deserve.

Yasmine Mustafa

I‘d heard about happiness and life coaching from my sister and had totally dismissed it. It sounded like one of those new age self help treatment programs. No one was a bigger skeptic than I myself. However, when the time came and I turned to it for help, it completely turned my life around! Through NLP, time line therapy, and other various techniques applied by Ronnie, in addition to coaching itself I came out of a very dark period of my life feeling very much alive again. Amazing how things can change so quickly. I am so grateful for that. Thanks Ronnie.

Alison Campbell

The most important skill I took away from Ronnie’s life coaching sessions was to become aware. Aware of how I was feeding my mind and how I viewed situations and people. That was the step leading me to be able to take ownership of how I contribute to the relationships in my life. Once I tuned into working on my deeper self, I felt a weight had lifted away from my shoulders and I had began to let go of things I cannot control. Then it became easier for me to accept. Funnily, that’s exactly when those situations organically changed for me.


This is to thank Ronnie for all his support. After a long time I am able to bounce back with feelings of confidence and worthiness. Ronnie guided and coached me through a difficult period of my life, the coaching process by itself was challenging and I came to realize that all positive change unfolded when I decided to step out of my stories and comfort zone (I had lived there for awhile). Thanks Ronnie for all your support and guidance.

Rania Malki

I found Ronnie’s work and approach to be different than anything I have done before and tremendously beneficial for me. Using Neuro linguistic programing and other techniques, he infuses his work with deep compassion and spiritual wisdom, so that the client comes out feeling different and better than when they started. Ronnie provided me the tools to work on myself and he continues to ask and care long after the work is done. I am very grateful for the transformative experience I have had working with Ronnie and the positive results that came with it.

Jasmine Campbell

After just 4 sessions with Ronnie my outlook on life has become much more positive, I’ve learned to redirect my thoughts easily with practice, and I’ve become happier and more at peace with my surroundings.

The visualization and NLP techniques that Ronnie uses and teaches are simple yet very powerful and effective and they will stay with me. Timeline therapy was a great way to let go of things in the past that were holding me back and making me anxious. The subliminal assignments proposed by Ronnie had a strong positive impact on my subconscious and I’m sure it will have a long lasting effect.

Ronnie has made a huge difference in helping me become a happy and confident person and I am truly grateful for that. I will never forget this amazing experience and the sessions we had together!

Nick Henderson

Since I was young I had a very severe phobia from animals. Whenever I saw any kind of animal I had to run away and I would really lose my self-control and behave in a way, which embarrassed me. Then at the age of 52 I met Ronnie and went through a wonderful experience of timeline therapy and other metaphysical coaching techniques. At first it wasn’t easy because it was difficult to confront my fears and change at my age. However, with the help of Ronnie I was able to reach my goal and now I feel at ease when there are animals around me.

Also I feel I changed from within as a person and now look at life differently. It was an amazing experience and I would encourage everybody to take this coaching course with Ronnie. I especially loved the Time line therapy, it was a great way to get rid of negative emotions from the past and improve the way of my living by confronting my fears in a positive manner. Thank you Ronnie.


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