Online Group Video Coaching: Tasting Emotional Freedom

A 6-Week Life Transforming Online Group Video Coaching Program

A metaphysical yet highly practical approach to falling in love with your life again


Tasting emotional freedom is a step by step 6 week life transformational online group video coaching program in which I shall be sharing with you inspiring and deep metaphysical wisdom on how to fall in love with your life. The tools I will be imparting via this online group video coaching program will become a magnet to manifesting beauty in your life. In this coaching program I will also be sharing techniques to reprogram the mind to break negative thought patterns to overcome emotional anxiety and transform inner emptiness to fulfillment and joy.

Every week you will receive an online group video coaching module with assignments. You can work on the modules at your convenience in which I will share, guide and empower you the tools to go deeper into your being and feel fulfilled and open to love your life again

Life Transforming Online Group Video Coaching Program with Ronnie | Ronnie Master Coach

The content of the wisdom I share with you in this online group video coaching program will benefit you…

  • To overcome the misery mind by inculcating self love and self acceptance
  • To learn the techniques to breakaway from mind addictions
  • To know how to realign your beliefs and values to break free from self-sabotage
  • To know how to cultivate an equanimous and calm mind
  • To know how to use energy and focus to your advantage to reclaim your power to attract a positive life
  • To discover joy and happiness by validating the needs of your inner child
  • To know how to live a happy life aligned with the laws of the universe

This coaching program will greatly benefit those of you…

  • Wanting to explore new avenues/knowledge to transcend emotional stress and anxiety
  • Wanting to know how to use FOCUS as a powerful technique to attract positivity in your life
  • Ready to commit to positively transforming your lives
  • Looking to become life coaches and need the freedom to absorb the knowledge at their own pace
  • Serious about embracing change and committed to work on yourselves
  • Wanting to let go of the past
  • Life coaches looking to assimilate new knowledge and techniques to guide their clients.
  • Interested in learning concepts of ancient wisdom on how to create a peaceful and happy life

This coaching program is not recommended for those who…

  • Are not ready to look within for positive change
  • Want to find life’s solutions by holding on to the past
  • Are not ready to look outside their ‘model of the world’
  • Are not ready to commit to the coaching process
  • Want to live a life blaming people and outward circumstances
  • Are not ready to spend time daily working on themselves
  • Are not open to explore metaphysical wisdom and meditative techniques

Take action and invest in your emotional happiness!

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