Become a Certified Life and Emotional Coach

The Life and Emotional Coaching Academy | Ronnie Master Coach

A Life and Emotional Coach is someone who is passionate about supporting people in their quest to overcome anxiety, negativity and stuck emotional issues.

If you feel you are ready to step out to explore deep metaphysical wisdom to assist people RECLAIM THEIR POWER and become the best version of themselves, then you have the option to certify as a Life and Emotional Coach by either working with me Privately or via my Group Certification programs.

Option 1

Certify Via My Online Private Sessions

Get Certified in as little as 12 days via my intensive private coaching sessions with a FREE BONUS  of up to a year of free business support

Price- USD 2995

Option 2

Certify Via My Online Group Certification Program

Become a Certified Life and Emotional Coach via my online Group Certification Programs

Price- USD 1495
On completion of the Certification Program you will receive a certificate under the auspices of
The Life and Emotional Coaching Academy
The Life and Emotional Academy Certification | Ronnie Master Coach

The Life and Emotional Coaching Certification Program will empower you with the knowledge on

  • How to create a new consciousness by harnessing energy using “focus and awareness’
  • The relationship between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind
  • The triangle of positive transformation
  • Empowering your client to take their power back to become the best version of themselves
  • Recognizing the workings of the EGO and it’s need to remain in a negative identity
  • How to validate the seed of creative intelligence a.k.a. the inner child
  • The power of positively reframing the past
  • How to align your life to your core values
  • The importance of goal setting
  • Inspiring your clients to find purpose in life by assisting them in setting S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • The experiential laws of metaphysical wisdom
  • How to retrain the fear center (amygdala) to overcome fear and anxiety
  • Neuroprogramming and other mind techniques to overcome anxiety, fear, conflict and obsessive thinking
  • How to qualify and sign up your clients
  • Your first coaching session with a client
  • How to guide your clients through a coaching session
  • Setting the tone of the coaching process
  • The art of using mind altering language to assist clients in finding positive outcomes
  • The power of chunking up conversation
  • The importance of setting daily and weekly assignments for clients
  • Meditation:  The practice to harness emotional intelligence

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