“Let me coach and support you in your quest for freedom from anxiety, negativity and other everyday issues to finally evolve into the person you are truly meant to be” – Ronnie

Ronnie Master Coach | Your Guide to Emotional Freedom

Meet Ronnie Singh

I was born, brought up and spent the formative years of my life in India before moving to live and work in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. At first, living in different continents and absorbing different cultural values wasn’t easy and caused me my share of stress and emotional anxiety. However, as time went by, my inquisitiveness to know the purpose of life helped me dive deep into metaphysical studies and ancient eastern philosophies related to the mind.

I slowly and gently began to practice with different techniques and started to experience that with the right practice I could reeducate my emotional mind to step out of it’s stories and imbibe positivity, letting go of anxiousness in every way. It’s been nearly two decades now that I have been practicing and sharing this wisdom.

After many years of, coaching and sharing this knowledge with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, I can easily say the techniques I impart work miraculously for anybody and everybody who needs emotional help/guidance. I believe I have a clear insight into how with the help of a daily discipline and practice of self-introspection techniques we can shift out from hopelessness and reconnect to a part within us which is always, calm, peaceful and joyous.

Let me guide you to take your power back and flood your life with positivity...

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I have created this online coaching platform to share and impart my experience, knowledge and tools, which I have gathered from years of studying …

  • Ancient Indian Philosophies
  • Laws of the Universe
  • Passive Awareness
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Time Line Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Metaphysical Concepts
  • Subliminal Programming
  • Meditations

My Philosophy and Coaching Approach

I believe all emotional issues such as negativity, stress, anxiety, fear, sadness etc. are simply just a symptom of emotional emptiness. Emotional emptiness is a reminder that we need to address something within us. My endeavor as a master coach is to educate and assist people grow emotionally mature by providing them the knowledge and tools to attain emotional freedom and fulfillment. I believe that the fundamental cause of emotional emptiness is because we are conditioned to believe that success, appearance and comfort are of a higher value than freedom. This very belief is the cause of stress, frustration and anxiety. I believe that for all our outwardly problems the solutions lay within us.

We as humans have an inherent need to keep evolving to remain happy in this journey of life. Many people deviate from that journey by getting stuck in a belief structure or an ideological pattern relating to the preservation and growth of self-identity. This makes it difficult to let go of the past and connect to that experience of fulfillment within. Today, many individuals feel as though their lives are like a ‘boat lost at sea’, unable to cope with life’s growing pressures and clarity in direction. In the modern era, we as human beings are much more knowledgeable. However, without the right direction, we cling to certain negative stories and beliefs, which keep us spending our lives in critical judgment rather than focusing on our ability to experience the inherent joy, which exists within each one of us.

I truly believe that “happiness is an art of knowing how to realign our inner and outer realities”. It simply requires the right knowledge and the openness to learn. In my group coaching programs, I provide you with a combination of life transformational knowledge and practical tools to experience growth in self-awareness, self-belief and emotional maturity. A combination of the above is fundamental to feeling positivity and emotional fulfillment. My online private coaching sessions are a great way to overcome specific personal issues.
My mission is to assist and guide people transform and experience joy and fulfillment in their lives by sharing my knowledge with people from all parts of the world.

Ronnie Master Coach | Your Guide to Emotional Freedom

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Get the Anxiety Freedom Formula... FREE!

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