The Life and Emotional Coaching Certification Program


Practitioner Level

Date: 20th -25th March 2017

Time:  8 30am – 5pm

Venue : Busuma road,





The Life and Emotional Coaching Certification program is a perfect fit for those who want to learn the tools and strategies to positively transform their own mindset AND those who are are passionate about helping others by taking action to start a Career as a Certified Life and Emotional Coach


If you feel you are open and ready to step out to explore deep metaphysical wisdom to RECLAIM YOUR POWER OVER YOUR MIND and GUIDE others TRANSFORM into the best version of themselves then enroll to become a Certified Life and Emotional Coach.


On completion of the Certification Program you will receive a certificate under the auspices of
The Life and Emotional Coaching Academy. You will also receive full business support for one year to establish your Life Coaching business


The Life and Emotional Coaching Certification Program will empower you 


  • Discover how you can create a new reality for yourself with the efficient use of energy and focus


  • Discover how to understand what is happening within your mind- The relationship between your conscious, subconscious and the unconscious mind


  • Learn how to align your life with the experiential laws of metaphysical wisdom

  • Learn the techniques to retrain the fear center (amygdala) to overcome fear and anxiety


  • Discover neuro-programing mind techniques to overcome anxiety, fear, conflict and obsessive thinking


  • Learn how to Align your life to the triangle of positive transformation to experience emotional fulfillment


  • Learn the various strategies to reclaim your power to become the best version of yourself


  • Learn how to recognize the workings of the EGO and it’s need to remain in a negative identity


  • Discover how to harness the seed of creative intelligence a.k.a. your INNER CHILD


  • Learn how to transform your life by positively reframing the past


  • Learn how to align your life to your core values


  • Learn the importance of goal setting aligned with your core values


  • Learn how to inspire your clients to find their purpose in life by assisting them in setting S.M.A.R.T. goals


  • Learn how to qualify and sign up your clients

  • Learn how to conduct your first coaching session with a client


  • Learn how to guide your clients through a coaching session


  • Discover the art of using mind altering language to assist clients finding positive outcomes for themselves


  • Learn the importance of setting daily and weekly assignments for clients


  • Meditation:  Discover a special meditative practice to harness Emotional intelligence


  Hurry- Limited seats 


PRICE- Kwacha 7900

Special Price -Kwacha 6900

(Valid if you sign up now – before the 26th February 2017)




I have no hesitation in recommending the life and Emotional Coaching Certification program. I encourage all prospective life coaches to complete this Certification Program as it will empower your coaching model and transform your life. You will be a powerful coach and impact the lives of your clients in a truly significant and life-changing way.

– Jerne Deirdre Golson

kasondeI would certainly recommend this certification program to not only to anyone who is ready and willing to become a Life Coach but also those willing to learn and grow by coming out of their comfort zone. The content of this certification program is great and life-transformational. Ronnie takes time not only to teach but also listens to every participant. The quality of teaching, material, content and presentation is excellent.

– Kasonde Mutali Bushe


I would recommend the Life and Emotional Coaching Certification Program to any person wanting to experience a transformational change. I actually feel that everyone should make an investment in themselves as they will leave the certification happier and fulfilled.

– Deirdre Goveia

DarynnThe Life and Emotional Coaching Certification Program has changed my life in a very short time. I’ve gone from not being sure what I want to do when I grow up to knowing what I will be doing for the next few years. It was definitely a transformational experience.

– Darynn Anne du Preez


The Life and Emotional Coaching Certification Program is a highly recommended Certification Program that has definitely captured the essence of Life Coaching within a week. It creates a metaphysical shift that enables any individual to take control of their lives. Using the most effective techniques, Ronnie provides practical guidelines that will equip any individual in the business of coaching. Ronnie’s passion for coaching adds life and energy to the program. The support he provides both during and after the certification program is an additional bonus.

– Sonal Desai

 NandThis certification program is very well set up and organized for someone who wants to become a Life Coach. The best thing I liked about the program is that people were challenged to think out of their comfort zone. The language and words used in the teaching process were easy to understand. A lot of people will definitely benefit from it . Even for a person like me who’s 16 years of age was easily able to understand and absorb the content and motive of this Certification Program.

– Nand B. Javia


Ronnie Singh, Founder, The Life and Emotional Coaching Academy

Phone:  +260955172624




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