As humans we all witness polarities in our emotions, these can be both positive and negative. They occur in each part of our daily work, family and social lives. Wisdom and emotional maturity are achieved when we remain open to experiencing both the positive and negatives in life. Knowing that whatever emotion we are currently experiencing will ultimately evolve and change with time. That is an innate law of nature.
Are you someone who believes that you can eliminate all negativity in your life?

The only outcome of this type of thinking will be continual frustration and disappointment, as human life cannot be void of negativity . Your wish to eliminate negativity will have the exact opposite effect. It is essential that both negativity and positivity coexist in our daily lives in order for life itself to exist.


So, to put our emotional polarity in perspective, we can look at it like this: Just as yin needs yang and Shiva needs Shakti need to co-exist, the same way our negative emotions need our positive emotions to co-exist to create balance, which as we grow older manifests itself as wisdom and emotional maturity.


This acceptance of our emotional polarity will allow us to grow emotionally and spiritually, in turn experiencing the wisdom of learning how to accept life in totality.
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